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Welcome to our Dream Wedding website.

Our platform is for all there is to know about planning a stylish, fun, quirky, unique or elegant and glamorous wedding.

Join us on our dream wedding website to get an insight into how you can create that wedding of your dreams. Discover what others have experienced in our blog pages covering a range of wedding-related topics, like indoor and outdoor venues that suit your theme. We will introduce you to wedding specialists who take up the role of planning your big day or how you can do this yourself and manage on a limited wedding budget. What else? We are enthusiastic about weddings and know they do not have to be haute couture or designer to be memorable, beautiful and just what you want.

We are here for those aspiring couples wanting a wedding that is not only everything they are dreaming of but one that comes in on your budget!

Bringing You A World Of Options

  • Destinations for the wedding of your dreams
  • An all-inclusive and economic-friendly budget
  • Iconic and resonating dressmakers
  • Outdoor wedding spaces – backyards, vineyards and gardens
  • Emerging technologies in wedding planning
  • Unique experiences available for your wedding
  • How to accommodate your guests
  • Planning your wedding decor & fancies
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Learn To Plan A Successful Dream Wedding

In the presence or absence of COVID-19, one thing is constant. People will connect, fall in love and say their heartfelt vows. To celebrate their love at this time, people will make probably have to make adjustments to their plans. We will offer advice, tips and hints to help make the wedding of your dreams  a reality within the current climate. Read the experiences of other couples on our Dream Wedding blogs that have managed to create their perfect weddings despite setbacks.

In today’s climate wedding costs can be high. We are here to help with creating a wedding budget that helps you to achieve your dream.

Lets Talk Money!

Creating that very special day on an unlimited budget can be difficult but in today’s financial climate, keeping costs down and achieving the wedding of your dreams can seem insurmountable. Not so, we are here to help you get that dream without drama. We will look in detail at all the different components, from flowers to photographer, the bridal attire, cars, menus and so much more.

Photographers are paramount to your dream wedding but can prove to be an expensive investment. On our website, we will explore alternative options be they weddings at home or a destination dream wedding. From wedding videos to online wedding albums we have your covered.

Dream Wedding

A Dream Wedding Dressmaker - Designing What You Want!

Want to look stunning on your big day? A key item of any wedding is the wedding dress. We will explore this vital item on our pages, looking at the different ways to create the wedding outfit of your dreams be that a dress or a tux! Discover the latest styles, the known designers and the new, upcoming ones who are offering exciting, fresh designs, eco-friendly, reusable wedding dresses and recycling vintage dresses.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Destination

Wedding Venues – The wedding venue is a vital feature for any couple’s ideal wedding. While searching for the best location, there are several factors which need consideration.

  • Cost – huge factor!
  • Is the venue accessible – can people get there?
  • Can you hold the wedding you want – what are the restrictions of the venues, e.g. fireworks, outdoor BBQ etc.
  • Does the venue offer the catering style you want?
  • Can you have entertainment – live music, maybe?

These are just a few of the questions we will explore more in-depth on dreamwedding.ie.

Dream Wedding

Dream Wedding Blogs

Take a tour of our website to not only know who we are but also find practical suggestions and ideas to make your dream wedding a reality.