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Wedding Venues - So Many Choices But Which Is The One?

Let's Make SElecting Your WEdding Venue Easier

Your wedding day is possibly the biggest event you will ever have to plan and arguably the most expensive. One of the essential, and probably the most costly, is the wedding venues. Choosing the right venue for the right price sounds easy. Unfortunately, that is not often the case. Corvid-19 scuppered plans anyone had of a big wedding, and as places re-open they still have to be within the current regulations as per size and number of guests. As disappointing as this may be it does open your wedding budget up a little bit. In that, not inviting every single person you both know will reduce your numbers. Meaning you can upmarket your plans by catering to a lesser amount of wedding guests.

Wedding venues are in all shapes and sizes from castle venues to your garden and everything in-between. Some couples want romantic or dreamy, others a historical setting. A wedding venue that has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years is a Barn venue, rustic, romantic and fun. And, no less sophisticated from being held in a renovated barn—no less expensive either!
A destination wedding venue can also be a choice; where guests pay their way themselves. The responsibility for the wedding organisation is often with the travel agents—another way to have a memorable wedding venue and keep to a budget. 

Top Tips To Help Your Plan Your Wedding

Set your budget and most importantly stick to it. Wedding venues do not have to cost you a fortune. Have you thought of hiring a Windmill? Or, how about using a canal barge? Once you know how much you have to spend you can then start looking. Check our Dream Wedding Blogs to see some of the unique wedding venues that couples can use.

Pick A Setting that suits who you are; this is your wedding, so the planning should be to make the day memorable for you both. Yes, you do plan a wedding to suit your families or friends, but keep in mind this is your wedding. From grand manor houses to hotels plus the many unique wedding venues in the UK, Ireland, and that can be found around the world; the choice can be overwhelming. But make your plans with our tips in mind, and it does get easier.

Choose The Location this is influenced by many factors, like can any elderly or disabled guest manage to move around. Having a disabled guest at a venue that does not have an accessible toilet or ramps to avoid steps will be distressing for you all. Also, consider if it is near a transport hub for those that have to travel. Or you may need to provide transport from a central location to and from the venue.

Size, you need to be sure your wedding venue matches your guest list. In that, there is enough space for everyone. In the post-Corvid-19 era, there are still limits on the size of gatherings, and you also may need to consider the ‘keep-safe’ regulations.

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Dream Weddings Can Happen Whatever Your Budget

With a little ingenuity and plenty of research, you can have your dream wedding, cake and all. We regularly feature wedding venues to suit all budgets from intimate garden venues that have become more popular in recent years to quirky venues. Destination, themed, or a registry office wedding are also options to consider.

Do you want a wedding venue that offers a good ole-knees-up to follow the ceremony or is cordon bleu sophisticated eatery more to your liking? The choices available for your wedding nuptials is unending. Just remember your budget and if the place gives you that gut feeling of ‘yes, this is the place’ then it is probably the right one. 

Another tip – keep going back to your chosen venue, don’t be rushed into signing on the dotted line. This is your special day, take the time to make it magical.

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