wedding cakes on a budget

Creative Tips And Ideas

Planning for your big day while on a tight budget? Not to worry. We are here to ensure that your planning is hassle-free. Check out our tips and creative ideas of how you can still have your dream wedding for less. Wedding cakes can be pretty pricey and can drive up your budget through the roof. This is one area where you can cut some corners and still have a perfect wedding cake on a budget.

So, what makes wedding cakes pricey? Have a checklist with your top preferences. It will help you check off aspects that can be eliminated, saving you an a small fortune. Some kind of flavours can cost you more than others. Do your research to find out what flavours match the budget you have set aside. Should you have royal icing, fondant or buttercream? For a wedding cake on a budget buttercream is certainly the cheapest and can be nicely piped.

Do you prefer real flowers or the edible type? Consider the design of your cake and flower arrangement. Consult your baker to have a clear picture of how these can affect your cake budget. Delivery is another overlooked aspect that can run up your reception budget. Most bakers charge anything from £1 per mile. Additionally, the higher the cake tiers, the more costly the cake.There are many ways to pare down your costs and still get a beautiful cake for your dream wedding.

Let’s Get Economical With Frugal Wedding Cake Ideas

Opt for a simple design for a wedding cake on a budget. Bakers price their work depending on the touch time. Go for a simple single tier or two-tier cake. Settle on little or no over-the-top add-ons like intricate sugar flowers. Use real flowers instead to adorn your cake. They fit into most wedding budgets and add vibrancy to your wedding theme. Work with your florist to have pesticide-free and safe flowers on your cake.

If you want a centrepiece that will be a showstopper, your wedding cake on a budget can look fancy by adding foam tiers to complement the real cake. You can also stand out by picking a naked cake. Naked cakes are trendy, inexpensive, and give off a rustic vibe , very popular at the moment. Creative decorations like ribbons or a simple “Mr & Mrs” cake topper will add some dazzle.

Or, how about going for cupcakes? They are inexpensive wedding cake ideas that will save you money, mostly on decorative fees. Again, we would suggest going for the inexpensive buttercream frosting and you can still have a gorgeous cupcake tower for that photo-op.

Our final tip in this blog, consider buying a supermarket cake. Yes, you read that right! Most supermarkets sell affordable cakes which you can add your creative touch to match your theme.