Chocolate Wedding Cake – Well Why Not?

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Chocolate Wedding Cake

Your cake is another centrepiece of your dream wedding, but can be another expense. Have you considered making your own? Or asking a home baker friend to do. If so consider a chocolate wedding cake – who doesn’t love chocolate and it can look so dramatic and works with any colour scheme. Rick, bold and bursting with flavour, its an easy but popular cake.

A Simple Chocolate Wedding Cake Recipe Idea

Keeping it simple, elegant and affordable, take a chocolate cake recipe from any source, use some alcohol or fruit flavouring to add depth to the taste of the cake – like rum or cherry. Fill with a flavoured buttercream, banana and chocolate go well, or even white chocolate ganache. make the cakes in different size tins. This will depend on how many layers you want and how many you are catering for. On the day, stack them together, you can use fixing rods available online. You can then decorate with your deliciously decadent chocolate wedding cake with fresh flowers that match you bouquet. Or try with silky ganache poured over, it can look spectacular.