beach wedding – Kaity and Tanner’s dream

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Wedding on the beach

Weddings don’t have to be overly extravagant and expensive, rather they can be just as enjoyable and exciting with a little creativity. Be inspired by this couple to create your ideal wedding, making use of what you have and without spending a fortune. Get creative ideas for dream weddings on a budget from looking at some successful real-life weddings.

The couple whose wedding only cost $500

Kaity and Tanny had been engaged for 6 months when they decided to get married spontaneously while on holiday with their families in California. They were renting homes near the beach, which made it an ideal location for their wedding. This gave them a good opportunity to plan an ideal, low cost, beach wedding without any extravagance, but with all the enjoyment and benefits of a wedding on a budget. They still made it a day to remember.