Destination weddings

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Destination weddings - on the beach

You’re busy planning your big day, and of course, finding wedding venues can be a mission and a half. If you want to splurge a little bit, then why not look at having a destination wedding? A destination wedding offers you the chance to escape to an incredible location, spend quality time with your loved ones, and celebrate you and your spouse’s marriage in an amazing location.

Types of Destination Wedding Venues

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the location of your destination wedding, one of which is the type of venue you’re looking for. Whilst many people automatically think of a wedding on a beach when they hear destination weddings, this isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, many destination weddings do happen on beaches, but this isn’t the only option that is open to you.

A few other types of destination wedding venues that you can look at include weddings in a beautiful and elegant garden, a gazebo wedding which can be placed absolutely anywhere and even a terrace venue that could overlook some stunning scenery. More options include a pool-side wedding or even a beautiful cenote wedding. Your options are endless to make your big day the wedding of your dreams.

Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding?

There are so many reasons to have destination weddings, one of which is that you’ll have the best memories ever! A few other reasons include you having the experience of a lifetime, your photos will come out absolutely mesmerising and lastly, amongst many other reasons, it is a lot more intimate than having a local wedding.