Dream Weddings don’t have to break the bank

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Best friend's wedding

Going to the chapel and getting married does not have to be the financial minefield that many people believe it to be. Yes, there will be brides, and grooms, who believe that only the best is good enough and that the best should cost the most. But it does not have to be.

What do you want your best day to be like?

Who remembers dreaming about their big day from a young age? Playing brides and grooms with your mother’s net curtains as a veil and some wildflowers in your tiny hands as a bouquet? We all did it and it was glorious. Then the big question was asked and excited you started to make plans for the special day.

Trying to make every childhood dream of your wedding day a reality can quickly turn the dream into a nightmare when you realize that pretty things cost a pretty penny. But you can make all those dreams come true without breaking the proverbial bank. You just have to be clever and a little bit creative.

Make a mood board and keep it simple

Make a mood board so you can see your dream in pictures and colour. What can you thrift? What can you borrow? What can you do yourself? The best does not always mean the most expensive. You can have it all and still be solvent with a little creativity and some help.